A Thousand Nights

He has seen the thousand and one blinking lights on his way home hundreds of times over. Days when it’s gray and bleak, those bright lights had somehow jazzed him up when the sun sinks in the horizon and welcomes the night. He couldn’t remember what day it was. But he promised himself he will try it just once just once to help him forget the demons that plague his very existence. But a thousand tomorrows has passed.

A thousand nights. He’s still at it. He can’t seem to stop. He’s got himself entangled in what we call “casino fever.’

He’s not the only one in this world. There are so many like him – men and women, teenagers, the famous and the affluent, even the desolate and the almost impoverished. Countless casinos have opened throughout the years. Las Vegas used to be the most popular and sought after gambling district until Macau in 2006.

The Sands in Macau claimed to be the world’s biggest casino in 2006 when it expanded its floor to enable the housing of more clients. Owned by the American magnate Sheldon Adelson, this casino houses more than a thousand slot machines and hundreds of gambling tables. It offers only the best that a connoisseur or potential gambler could ever hope for and more

As much as gambling games have entertained people for a very long time, it has its rules to follow. In the United States, only those who are twenty-years and over can go into casinos and play games of chance like craps, baccarat and roulette, and games of skill such as backgammon and poker. In some countries where gambling is legal, people aged 18 years and over could get into casinos and have the time of their life inside – whether in winning hand after hand or losing.

Despite the popularity of online gambling games, casinos never lose their touch. They seem to have woven an intricate design on every player that graces its halls night after night. The creation of online gambling games have enabled so many to play the games they want to play without the hassle of going to these gambling establishments.

If the player wants to bet and bet millions, they may do so for bets can be done even through playing gambling games online. For gamblers and potential ones who seek the thrill of being at the table and knowing his or her opponents personally, then they have the choice of going to casinos.

They are not the only one. Many will still come. They will try it once love it and play ceaselessly.

More nights follow; a thousand will come and go. Eyes will meet. Minds will clash. Brows would furrow in concentration. Currencies from all over the world would flow freely. All these and more can only happen in casinos.

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