A Winning Poker Strategy – It’s So Simple, It’s Stupid If You Don’t Do It


Here is a poker strategy that you must use in no limit poker tournaments:

Let’s say you entered a no limit poker tournament. It’s the middle of tournament. There are 40 players left. You have an average sized stack.

At your table, there are nine players and everyone is playing fairly predictable poker.

A player in middle position raises three times the size of the big blind. Another player calls. You are on the button with pocket 4′s. You decide to call, hoping to hit a set. The players in the small and big blind both fold.

The flop comes A-7-6 rainbow. Rainbow means that all the suits are different, so there are no flush draws.

The first player checks. The second player checks. Now it’s up to you. What should you do?

You have pocket 4′s. Just an ugly pair of 4′s with three overcards on the board. What should you do?

If you thought about checking your hand, shame on you!

Why are you looking at your cards? Why are you even thinking about your cards?

Remember this basic poker strategy: When everyone checks, bet when you are the last to act.

Write it down and don’t forget it: When everyone checks, bet when you are the last to act.

This is the correct play because your opponents showed weakness. You can make a bet that is half the size of the pot. You are risking a small amount of chips to win twice as many chips.

It is rare when an opponent hits a big hand on the flop, so don’t even worry about it. When they both check, show strength and bet.

Remember, you are not betting your hand, you are betting your opponents’ hands.

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